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Our brew on premise service allows you to come in and learn first hand from an experienced brewing specialist the in’s and out’s of the beer brewing process. You decide what type of beer you want to brew and we will customize a recipe unique to your requests that will make 10 gallons, or approximately 100 bottles, of your own custom brew!. Whether you want to do “extract”, an introductory process, or “all-grain”, the complete process from scratch, we can help you brew your own great tasting beer!

The cost of brewing 10 gallons of your own custom beer, including a brewing station with room for six friends, a Brewing Specialist to guide you, and the use of our fermenters, fermenting room and bottling station is $125 plus ingredients. The cost of brewing ingredients will vary based on the style of beer being brewed.

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Types of Beer to Brew

Blonde Ale

Cream Ale

Wheat Beer etc.

$40 – $60


Stout etc.

$45 – $65

Brown Ale

Amber Ale 

Irish Ale etc.

$45 – $65

Belgian Wit

Saison etc.

$45 – $65


Pale Ale

Hoppy Wheat etc.

$50 – $75

Imperial IPA

Imperial Stout

Other High Gravity Beers

$75 and up

These are general guidelines for just a few of the many styles and can vary depending on your ingredient and style choice.

Bottles are not included. You may bring in your own clean, amber pry-off bottles or you may purchase new bottles at our store.

Use the calendar below to book your brewing appointment

(Parties of 7 or more people please call the shop for bookings)
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