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Orchard Breezin’ Strawberry Sensation


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Category: Wine Equipment and Ingredient Kits

Orchard Breezin’ Strawberry Sensation Wine Kit – This light refreshing wine offers the delightfully sweet aroma of fresh picked strawberries blended with a rich mélange of honey, tropical fruit and floral flavours. Try it chilled for added freshness!

This 5.5 liter kit contains all ingredients necessary to make 6 gallons (30 bottles) of your very own fruit-flavored craft wine to be ready to drink in only four weeks.

2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2013 WineMaker International Award Winner

Refresh yourself, and your guests, with the subtle fruit flavors of Orchard Breezin’ wines. Light in alcohol, perfectly balanced and not too sweet, Orchard Breezin’ is the perfect beer and wine cooler alternative. Sip your favorite Orchard Breezin’ wine during cherished moments of “me” time, or serve it to family and friends to make every social occasion extraordinary.

Orchard Breezin’ wines can be enjoyed chilled on their own or mixed with juices, sodas, and liqueurs to create crowd pleasing cocktails. From strawberry to lime, Orchard Breezin’ offers a wide variety of fruit flavors that will appeal to every palate.

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