John Palmer – Ruabeoir, Irish Red Ale


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John Palmer – Ruabeoir, Irish Red Ale
Irish Red Ale has a firm toasty malt character balanced by moderate hop bitterness and restrained esters for a smooth dry finish. The roast barley provides some bitterness to reduce the burden on the hops and keep the beer malt forward without being as sweet as Scottish Ales. In many ways it is similar to an Oktoberfest in terms of drinkability and balance, except being an ale instead of a lager, and a drier finish. It is a great beer for spending an afternoon watching the footie. Sláinte!
This homebrew kit makes 5 gallons.
This Kit Includes:
Briess CBW® Dry Malt Extract (DME), Briess Crushed Grains, Steeping Bag, Hops, Fermentis Yeast, Priming Sugar, Brewing Instructions, Recipe Instructions
Gravity (OG) 1.053
Bitterness 26 IBUs
Color 14 SRM
ABV 5.2%


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