John Palmer – Raison D’Saison


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John Palmer – Raison D’Saison
Saison is a wonderful thirst-quenching beer, born on the lush farmlands of Wallonia, and brewed by home brewers like you. These beers are generally pale, have high carbonation, a dry finish, and pepper and spice flavors and aromas that come from the yeast. A modest proportion of simple sugar is traditional with this style and helps the beer achieve its dry and estery character. Saison pairs very well with rich foods, like a dry white wine. It is an Old World style that is very popular with craft brewers despite (or perhaps because of) being a polar opposite to hoppy American ales.
This homebrew kit makes 5 gallons.
This Kit Includes:
Briess CBW® Dry Malt Extract (DME), Briess Crushed Grains, Steeping Bag, Amylase Enzyme, Hops, Fermentis Yeast, Priming Sugar, Brewing Instructions, Recipe Instructions
Gravity (OG) 1.062
Bitterness 26 IBUs
Color 6 SRM
ABV 7.1%


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