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5 lb Wildflower Honey


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Category: Mead and Sake

Wildflower Honey.
This pure honey is collected from sweet honeycomb and is free from unwanted additives. It is a naturally gluten free sweetener with a distinctive sweet flavor and floral undertones. Slightly darker in color than other honey, this wildflower honey will add a more robust and hearty flavors. This cost effective and delicious honey is great as an addition to any cider, as the main ingredient in any mead style, or as an additive to a beer with a honey backbone. For Cider: Add 2 pounds Wildflower Honey per 5 gallons to add extra dimension and a slight honey sweetness, as well as about 2% abv. Add up to 5 lbs Wildflower Honey to add a ton of dimension, distinct honey sweetness to compliment the apple characteristics, and about 5% abv. For Mead: Rule of thumb is 1 lb of Wildflower Honey in 5 gallons of water is about 1% alcohol, so balance your mead out between your yeast, batch size, and what kind of mead you want to make!
5 pound container.

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